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Just Keep Tasting Crayons

I received my Chord Wheel in the mail today. It's just like a color wheel, but it shows the relationship of musical sounds to one another, instead of hues. I simply slide the clear plastic outline over any note I'm working with to discover the other notes that blend and make sense within a project. Having it today alone has allowed me to decipher the chords to Dad's song, "Experience."

Progress, man... so exciting!

Sometimes, learning to read music feels like tasting crayons to make a painting, but I know it will prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. Understanding theory is important for the sake of communicating ideas. Each note represents a particular sound frequency and duration. While you can get by without an in-depth background in theory, life and creativity seem to get easier the more I learn. It's insanely hard to fathom how the system of naming sounds was developed. It makes me incredibly thankful for all the people in history who invested their time and energy identifying and organizing such a crazy, thorough, legit system.

So... if you need me, I'll be chewing on crayons until I can finally taste the blues.


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