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Unleashing the Power of "Booty Gains": The Journey Behind My New Single

Heya, High Vibe Tribe! I'm thrilled to announce my upcoming single, "Booty Gains." This song is more than a catchy tune—it's an inspiring anthem designed to empower and motivate you to love yourself as you are, while breaking through pesky limiting beliefs. I can’t wait for you to hear it! “Booty Gains" is all about flexing those muscles to grow from the inside out, and it’s inspired by the holistic system of health esteem that I follow: BODi.

BODi has been a game-changer for me, teaching me invaluable lessons about fitness, self-love, and perseverance that helped me go from an unfulfilled leukemia patient to a vibrant, joyful thriver. I've woven these lessons into "Booty Gains," even quoting some of my favorite badass Super Trainers. Listen closely, and you might recognize quotes from legends like Amoila Cesar and Megan Davies. I've also incorporated the wisdom of Elise Joan, Jericho McMathews, Autumn Calabrese, and Shaun T. This song is a shoutout to all the amazing trainers who have motivated and inspired me on my fitness journey. Their influence has shaped not just my workouts but also the message of this song, making it a tribute to their impactful guidance and a true homage to the BODi community.

If you’re interested in getting in on some of this amazing health-esteem action with me as your accountability partner, you can apply to join my BOD Squad by clicking here.

May 19th marked a milestone in this journey as we had a blast shooting the music video for "Booty Gains" in beautiful Pacifica, California. It was an unforgettable day, made possible by my incredibly supportive friends. My Soul Sistah and bestie since 7th grade, Taryn, along with her fiancée, Janelle, were instrumental in bringing this vision to life. When they heard the early demo of "Booty Gains," they were so excited that they volunteered to be part of the video production—not once, but twice!

Collaborating with my incredibly talented friends, Liz Aday and Digital Droo, was a magical experience. I always learn so much from their creative genius. They infused the track with their brilliant musicianship, helping shape and breathe life into the demo I provided. Once the song was ready, I reached out to Taryn and Janelle to brainstorm ideas for the video shoot. Janelle suggested a robot costume inspired by the vocal effects in the song, and when she followed up with the idea of a T-Rex costume, I knew we were about to achieve the ideal blend of intensity, quirkiness and fun.

Our adventure began at the pier in Pacifica, where I rocked a cyberpunk cyborg look and Janelle embraced her inner T-Rex. The rest of the gang—Taryn, Jho, and Tawny—joined in as their ultra-cool selves. We danced around, attracted plenty of attention, and even made some new friends along the way!

Next, we headed to Frontierland Park, where we utilized the outdoor gym for more dynamic footage. We captured a mix of group and individual takes, making sure to showcase everyone’s unique energy and spirit.

The entire day was an absolute blast, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared passion for the project. I am incredibly grateful to my friends, without whom neither the song nor the video would have been possible. Their support and enthusiasm made the shoot not just successful but also unforgettable.

Special thanks to my amazing collaborators, Liz Aday and Digital Droo, for their incredible musicianship, creativity, and video editing prowess. To Taryn and Janelle, your ideas and support were invaluable. And to Jho and Tawny, thank you for joining the fun and bringing your beauty and unique energy to the video.

Stay tuned for the release of "Booty Gains" and the accompanying music video. It's a testament to self-love, empowerment, and the magic that happens when friends come together to create something truly special.

Keep flexing those muscles and breaking those chains—because every booty deserves to shine!


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