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The Catalyst for A Comeback

I started writing Comeback in my early 20's. The song came to me in the form of a catchy melody on a rainy day and I liked the idea of adding lyrics that felt like the undulating weather. I decided to focus on relaying the internal dialogue of someone weighing the pros and cons of a love that could soar and fade like the clouds of a storm. I wrote the song rather slowly; finding new lyrical inspiration every two years or so. By 2009, I had identified a guitar part, but it took me until 2016 to finally come up with the rest of the music that would support my moody lyrics. I sequenced the entire song in GarageBand and used Apple headphones to sing and layer harmonies. When I had taken the song as far as I could, I shared the draft with my Mom and her husband. Two years later in April 2018, my step-father asked if any updates had been made to the song so that he could include the latest version in the annual "New Tunes," compilation that he creates and sends to friends and family each Spring. I was honored that he wanted to include my work, but knew the song needed a lot of TLC before it was truly ready. Luckily, my incredibly talented friend, Digital Droo, was happy to help... he blew my mind with his musical interpretation and took the song to new heights! Droo challenged me to stretch and grow and improved upon every aspect of the song. In May 2018, Comeback made it onto Hutch's Annual New Tunes album and became my very first single release!


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