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Kismet Connection

Life's tendency to deliver what you need, when you need it, is truly remarkable. An unexpected surprise was delivered to me in the form of a talented, new friend called Digital Droo, when he was hired by RG2020 to film and produce a short commercial video. Since I wrote the team's jingle and narrated their past videos, I joined Robert on the day of filming and wound up getting to narrate once again. While there, between all the laughter and the scene set-ups, I learned that Digital Droo is not just a brilliant videographer, but also a skilled musician. I asked him if he'd be willing to help me create an audition video for a show I was considering submitting my musical works to, and he was kind enough to say YES! Thanks to Droo's drive and motivation, it didn't take us long to set something up. Before I knew it, Droo came to my house and recorded a killer audition video. We talked about the possibility of making music together some time and that is exactly what ended up happening. Droo started by mixing and mastering Malala for me, and then fully produced A Christmas Song For Mom. His work was so unbelievably good, that I felt inclined to hold off on my audition submittal to see what else might be in store for us. Momentum started building around the music we could create together and now suddenly we are spending hours at a time in my evolving home studio, now dubbed Red Rooster Recording because of a silly table cloth. Digital Droo's diverse talents, creative energy, and valuable input make him more than just a co-creator. He is a mentor, a mastermind, and a treasured friend. Life delivered a doozy to me in the form of Digital Droo, and I couldn't be more thankful that he is willing to share his gifts with little, ol' me!


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