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Embracing the Melody

A Journey to Honor and Connect

In longing to know my Dad on a deeper level, I embark on a journey to honor his legacy and forge a stronger connection. I am slowly uncovering the life lessons he left hidden inside his music.

In the lyrics of his song, "Bon Fire," my Dad's wisdom shines through. Love should never be measured by material possessions or fleeting moments. Instead, it is ignited by embracing the present and taking action.

"Don't count our love in dollars, time or favors
And I know our love will grow in leaps and bounds
Don't look back on what we could have done
Just learn and do it now" - Doug Midgley | BON FIRE

Inspired by his words, I'm ready to heed his advice. It's time to learn and do it now.

Today, I won't just hug the guitar, I will actually strive to play it. With anticipation in my heart, I will strum the strings and embrace the pursuit of music. It's a humble beginning, but I know that every note played is a step toward understanding my Dad's passion and wisdom.

As I strum, I feel his presence, and I imagine him guiding my fingers and whispering encouragement in my ear.

It's time to break free from hesitation on this musical quest to honor my Dad's memory and keep his spirit alive. Who knows? Maybe someday, his Hummingbird will play and perform his songs through me.


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