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Self-Love in the A.M.

Picture this: it's morning, and your cozy bed is beckoning you to stay nestled under the covers a little while longer. Your mood whispers, "Leave it messy, it's cozier that way!" 😴 But wait—here's where the magic of self-love comes into play! 🌠💪

Self-love gently nudges you and whispers back, "Treat yourself like the precious gem you are!" 💎 And so, with determination in your heart, you embark on a tiny yet transformative journey: making your bed. 🛏️

At first glance, it might seem like a mundane task, but it's so much more than that! Making your bed is like setting the stage for an extraordinary day ahead. 🎭✨

With each smooth of the sheets and fluff of the pillows, you're not just tidying up your physical space—you're also nurturing your soul. You're sending a powerful message to yourself: "I deserve a clean, organized, and uplifting space to thrive!" 🌞✨

And guess what? The magic doesn't stop there! As the day unfolds, this beautiful act of self-love continues to ripple through your actions. You'll find yourself sticking to your plans, pursuing your goals, and making choices that align with your dreams. 🌌✨

Making my bed became a pivotal part of my journey towards healing and well-being, especially during my leukemia cirriculum. As I faced the daunting reality of my diagnosis, I realized that if I truly desired to reclaim my health, I needed to embody the habits and actions of a healthy individual. That's when I made a commitment to myself to complete the MM100 workout program—a challenging 100-day fitness journey that required some serious dedication and discipline. Yet, amidst the intensity of my daily workouts and the uncertainty of my health, making my bed each morning emerged as an anchor of stability and control. It was a simple yet profound act of self-care that set the tone for my day, infusing me with a sense of purpose and determination. Had I not taken that small step towards order and routine, I might have easily succumbed to the chaos and uncertainty of my illness. Making my bed became a tangible symbol of my commitment to health and resilience—a daily reminder that even in the face of adversity, I possessed the power to create moments of calm and clarity in my life.

Now, after releasing my dis-ease, I find making my bed has evolved into a symbol of my commitment to my dreams and creative aspirations. I take my morning seriously in order to take myself seriously.

Sure, there may be moments when your emotions try to pull you away from the path you've set. But in those moments, I want you to pause, look in the mirror, and repeat after me: "I believe in my dreams, and I'm worthy of their realization!" 🪞🫶

Because here's the thing: every small step counts, and each act of self-love blossoms into a beautiful garden of positivity. 🌷✨ So let's embrace the magic of self-love, starting with something as simple yet significant as making our beds each morning.

Are you ready to set the stage for an extraordinary day ahead? Let's do this—together! 💕 With love and self-love,




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