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A Great Day is a State of Mind

Wow! Today has been a great day! Probably because I kicked it off with a round of meditation... and fresh vegetables. I danced and stretched and walked the dogs. I spent quality time with my husband and I've been drinking water. Hmmm... I'm doing all the stuff I'm supposed to (that's right, including floss) and am experiencing an overall sense of joy? Imagine that!

I have to acknowledge that it's hard to fathom experiencing joy at such a tumultuous time in our nation's history. Then again, it's hard to fathom the concept of joy. at all. ever. when there is always some issue in the world worth fretting over.

Perhaps it's the fact that I'm making small changes in my own life to make a small, but hopefully meaningful difference overall. Eating plant-based whole foods was a decision that evolved from a desire to protect the Amazon and affect climate change, to respecting animals and elevating consciousness. One, single change to my diet has lead to more changes, like composting and buying the "ugly" produce, and has ultimately made me feel more connected with the world, Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Now, I feel a kinship amongst all sentient beings and feel it should unite us all. No exceptions. No matter what.

Namaste, dude.

My Dad wrote 1979 to call to question many of the basic, day-to-day concepts that are harming us at least as much as they are perceived to help us. I love singing it and it's the first song I ever learned to play on the guitar. It inspired me to write 2020 in response, or perhaps as a sequel - even borrowing a verse from my Pop's song.

Despite the incredible woes ailing this world of ours, we have the power to perceive joy through action. It takes doing a lot of little things over and over again to make a difference. Just keep on keepin' on; it's guaranteed to add up to a great day.


by: Allison

12 January 2017

Ever since I was small

My Dad would pose the thought

If we take this life for granted

How long can we keep the one that we’ve got

The rainforests and our oceans'

Our best defense against climate change

But in the name of tradition

We’re wiping them all away

Some people say we're still

The greatest power in the world

But what are those people gonna say

When our oil has been burned**

Deepwater is on the horizon

If we keep burning fossil fuels

There's only so much of a lot

No matter how you stretch the rules

What will a dollar be worth

If there's no one left to pay-

And what would you want to fix first

If the future happened today

We feed on a diet

That’s being fed stuff that it shouldn’t eat

While we stare in the face of the hungry

Who could use the corn and wheat

The cancer rate could be turned down

Like volume with a knob

If we'd lean on whole foods before medicine

As our means to do the job

Imagine all the cattle

Pigs, poultry, trees and fish

That could help maintain Earth’s balance

If we served awareness with each dish

When I think about it now

The solution is clear as day

But it flies in the face of all

That our parents were taught to say

So I'm making some changes

So obvious that they're basic

I don't want the afterlife

To serve as nature's Lasik


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