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Memories for Mother's Day

Something compelled me to start building a music video, so I opened up iMovie and began plugging away. I flailed around a bit, unsure of what exactly to make. Then, took a break from the indecisiveness and uncertainty of things, to grab some water and check the mail. Guess what I found when I went to the mailbox? My answer, of course! I was thoroughly pleased to discover that my cousin, Katie, had just mailed a USB stick with a ton of old family photos that included my amazing Grandmother, Elaine Midgley, at different points in her life.

I took it as a sign from the Universe to complete The Mimi Experience song I had produced out of one of my dad's old recordings for her memorial last year with a music video. It really ended up being a fun process! The best part, though, was when I completed the video and went to post it online to share with my family... It really hadn't occurred to me to finish it by the second Sunday in May, but I did. So, in a sort of happy accident, I am honoring the life and journey of all the Mothers of the world with the memories from the lifetime of one. Happy Mother's Day.


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