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Father's Giving Daughters Wings

I have a recording of Dad strumming his guitar and singing "La La La La La La La," on VHS. I don't really get to see it anymore because I don't have a VHS player, but I remember the way it sounded and often find myself humming along to the memory. I recently watched the documentary He Named Me Malala and was so moved that I felt compelled to write a song about it. I was really pleased with the way the verses wrote themselves, but the best part was that Dad chipped in for the chorus! By changing the initial L to an M, 'Lalala' became 'Malala' and Dad got to write the hook... Tarantino style. Today deserved it's own journal entry because I got brave and finally opened up Garage Band on my computer. Here I am mere hours later, and I'm pretty sure I have a song. A finished song. One that [Dad and] I created from start to finish. Every word, every sound, every instrument. Can it really be!? I'm a producer and Dad helped! Thanks for the wings, Dad!


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