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Progress IS the Point

I'm so lucky for this life. For my sweet husband. For my amazing Mother. For the plants and tress and wildlife that call my backyard home. I love the way my street wraps itself around a cul-de-sac to make a perfect track for running laps with my dogs. Lucky me! Lucky me!

Today is the start of a challenge. My husband, Robert, said, "I bet in two weeks you can be TWO TIMES as good at playing the guitar as you are now," and then proceeded to explain how he would support me in any way I needed to help make that possible. Doubling my guitar know-how and skill-set in two weeks is not going to be an easy feat with eight months already under my belt, but it is possible IF I try... of that, I am sure he's right.

I realized this recently: PROGRESS IS THE POINT. I remember feeling so down and listless because I didn't understand the ache in my bones that called me to music. I didn't understand, so I fought it... and the schism that fight created hurt my soul.

Now, because of the incredible zest for life I am feeling and its timing with my discovery of the guitar, I think I understand. Progress IS the point!

"What is the point?" Progress. Every time.

What is the point of LIFE? Progress.

...the point of LOVE? Progress.

...of TRYING? Progress.

...BELIEVING? Progress.

...GETTING UP AGAIN? Progress.

This journey started officially for me in January, when I finally decided to touch and make sound with the guitar. Amazing! The ache was calling me to learn more about what fulfills me most. I am listening now and, surprise, I am happier than I've ever been.


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