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The Growth Chord

I've been working hard to get the hang of playing the guitar for quite some time now. I've got a few songs under my belt and am really beginning to put the pieces of the music theory puzzle together quickly now. One thing I've struggled with lately is whether or not to listen to all the brilliant folks that tell me I should change the way I make the G chord. I guess I've been doing it wrong. Ugh! The trouble is that I've gotten pretty speedy at shifting in and out of G my way. Changing now would be a lot of work.

The difficulty of overcoming a setback like that when I could just plow ahead playing G my way made me reluctant to make the change. Then, I came across this picture. It's of Doug Midgley, my Dad and my hero, playing the G chord EXACTLY the way everyone says I should... he's even playing it on MY guitar! Talk about about a clear and direct sign pointing me in the right direction. I would be a fool to ignore it.

So, here's to finger training and inconvenience for the sake of growth. It certainly can't hurt to know how to play both ways.

The G in G-Chord will always stand for GROWTH to me!


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